Farm Owners Can Revolutionize Pesticide Application Record Keeping

Farm Owners Can Revolutionize Pesticide Application Record Keeping

Published on: 17-03-2015 | by Misty in Pesticide Application Record, Chemical Usage App, Pesticide Record Keeping, Pesticide Record App, paperless, enterprise mobility, mobile workforce

Why should a farm operator think about maintaining Pesticide Application Record? That is because the record is mandated by law. It helps the government keep track of pesticide consumption, perhaps to measure their overall effect on the environment and gauge how much responsibility individual farm operators should shoulder in any case.

There’s a New Way of Keeping Pesticide Usage Records

As they say, change remains the only constant thing one can find in this rapidly growing world. Technology is not an exception. These days, technology has improved enough that farm owners now have the option to do their record-keeping differently. Now, they can use a Chemical Usage App to help them build and maintain those records for them.

Why should they do that? Well, everything about their workflows and processes will change once they have the app implemented.

Changes to How Record Keeping is Done with the App

Here are the changes that the farm can observe with its record keeping processes, thanks to the capabilities of the software suite:

• No more paper
The most striking feature of the app is its implementation of a paperless method for record keeping. That’s how it revolutionizes Pesticide Record Keeping – the entire process is now fully digital and is done entirely with the use of mobile devices, instead of paper. The mobile forms now take the place of the paper forms that have been previously used for building up a pesticide usage report.

• Central platform for information access
In the old days, people used filing cabinets and fire-proof safety boxes to keep their sensitive data protected. While effective, it does not guarantee ease of access to the required data when the need arises. Anyone wishing to find information – particularly government agents checking out the farm’s compliance with the rules – will have to take the time to dig through the archives to find what they are looking for. With the Pesticide Record App, however, everything can be downloaded instantly through the Resources E-Library and using a mobile device.

• Use mobile forms and send report anytime, anywhere
This is another defining feature of the app – enterprise mobility. This means that the entire workforce is a mobile workforce – they can sit somewhere inside the farm to access and read reports, and they can send reports directly onsite. While the pesticide is being applied to the farms, the person in charge for the reporting can simply fill up the forms right on the spot and submit it when done. That’s a new ability no one has been able to enjoy decades in the past.

Are these reasons good enough to make an investment? Well, one can find more reasons why they should digitalize their Pesticide Application Record. Take the tour today!

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