Formitize Ensures Better Hazard Control with Risk Management App

Formitize Ensures Better Hazard Control with Risk Management App

Published on: 28-01-2015 | by Misty in Risk Management App, Apps for Risk Management, Risk Management Software, Risk Managers App, Risk Management Apps, Risk Management Solution, Risk Managers App, Risk Management, paperless, digital forms, electronic forms, enterprise mobility

SYDNEY, Australia January 2015 – Risk managers face some of the most Herculean tasks in the modern corporate world. The creators of Formitize – a leading developer of mobile-based apps created to help businesses and industries handle paperwork – recognize this issue. Today, they are happy to unveil the latest addition to its app family – Risk Management App – specifically designed for risk management professionals.

Risk management agencies have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their clients’ businesses, and thus, they need an effective system to carry out their jobs. Risk managers, however, manage so much information that it may be difficult for them to create accurate and timely reports simply because there is so much data to look at. Apps for Risk Management make that burden a lot easier to manage.

The Three Advantages of Using the Risk Managers’ App

First, the Risk Management Software will provide risk managers and the companies they work for secure storage of information. This includes consistent threat research and risk identification surveys undertaken in their respective markets. Those types of information are considered confidential and must be kept secure at all times. The Risk Managers App’s Resources E-Library presents the ideal storage location for such files because it is secure and can be remotely accessed using a mobile device.

Second, the Risk Management Apps provide these professionals the means to create and send paperless reports back to their clients anywhere they might be. They simply have to utilize the digital forms employed by the application to draft up reports and send these to their clients through their mobile devices. The Risk Management Solution is very flexible with its electronic forms, and risk management professionals can easily customize their reports to fit their standards and compliance requirements.

Third, using the app makes updating existing information a very easy task to do. The enterprise mobility that the software suite makes possible ensures that risk professionals are updated about any new information that concerns specific clients in real time. In turn, they can create updated reports that are then submitted to their respective clients.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity for Both Sides

The ease with which all of these are accomplished contributes to improved efficiency and better turnaround time for individual tasks so that everyone can be more productive. Risk management professionals can notify their clients of an updated report, so that the firm can process that information right away and take action on possible threats as early as it could. This way, the business is kept abreast of developments and can have sufficient warning time to react to any short-term threats that it could face from the market, or its competitors.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Risk managers using Risk Managers App can now ensure better performance that, in turn, guarantees better service for their clients. By making paperwork paperless, Formitize's latest offering, Risk Management can help improve their reputation and contributes to a healthier risk management portfolio.”

Discover how Risk Management App can improve efficiency and productivity as it helps business owners, managers, and staff deal with work hazards and risks. Take the tour today!

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