Formitize Launches New Field Services App for Businesses Worldwide

Formitize Launches New Field Services App for Businesses Worldwide

Published on: 04-06-2014 | by Misty in Field Services App, paperless, paperless forms, mobile workforce, mobile forms, smart forms

SYDNEY, Australia June 2014 – The creators of Formitize – a powerful tool that has revolutionised businesses around the world – has launched Field Services App, their latest offering. The Field Services Mobile App is an innovative paperless software solution developed by Mobile Interactive Technologies. Formitize is being used by many of the world’s leading corporations through to small sole trader businesses.

How Field Services App Works

Field Services App converts existing paperwork into a smart app. More than twenty intuitive features are then added to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and intelligence of data collection using paperless forms that the mobile workforce can use in the field. These features include time and date stamping, GPS mapping, in-form signature collection, bar code reading, voice recording, and so much more.

A secure web-based Management Portal is included as part of the App for Field Service to provide real-time visibility and reporting on all data being collected in the field. In addition to the customisable reporting the paperless solution provides it is also able to integrate with more than 200 third party software providers.

Here are three features that make Field Services App ideal for your business needs:

1. Photo Tagging - Take a photo or pull an image from the device and then attach tags to the image that can then be searched from the management portal. This is ideal for recording before and after shots, competitor activity in the field, etc.
2. Conditional Logic - Responsive intelligence adds a whole new dimension to the efficiency of mobile forms. Deal only with relevant sections, open up new sections where further information or actions are required, and let the form develop its own direction as the responses are provided.
3. In Form Calculations - In-built calculator performs the standard calculations through the smart forms, saving time and ensuring all calculations are exactly right every single time.

Matt Burge, CEO at Formitize states, “Field Services App is a powerful tool not just for your invoices, work orders, and job sheets but also for company compliance. You can use this Mobile App for Field Service to update your staff of your company’s new management policy. Simply upload the latest policy and archive the previous version. When your employees open their iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows device, the digital forms will sync automatically and provide access to the policy updates such as Material Data Sheets, Safe Work Statements, and Safety Documents. By default, everybody has access to the latest version.”

Formitize solutions are driving business automation and operational efficiencies across more than eighty industries worldwide. Business apps utilize smartphones and tablet devices across Apple, Android, and Microsoft Windows phone devices.

Discover how Field Services App can revolutionise businesses worldwide. Take the tour today!

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