Formitize’s Carpenters App Can Improve Transparency and Efficiency for Businesses

Formitize’s Carpenters App Can Improve Transparency and Efficiency for Businesses

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SYDNEY, Australia November 2014 – Formitize is pleased to announce the release of the newest addition to its line of revolutionary paperless solutions in a bid to ease the management woes of carpenters and building contractors. Carpenters can now enjoy a more streamlined workflow with the help of Formitize’s Carpenters App. Formitize is the name behind many successful industry-specific apps used by small and big businesses around the world.

Transparency and Efficiency in One Package

To sum the capabilities of the Carpenter App, ‘transparency’ and ‘efficiency’ would suffice. These are two concerns that all businesses in general have struggled with in the past decades before the app’s revolutionary new system had entered the market. Now, carpenters can ensure that they are efficient in their work processes, which leads to increased productivity and enhanced transparency in their reporting.

Specific Features of Carpenters App

This new Software for Carpenters has the following features to make certain that the carpenters’ jobs are transparent and productive at the same time:

Web-based Management Portal
The Management Portal is the central tool that enables the carpenters to find out, at any given moment, the status of each job, what task they are working on, and how much time has been logged into that specific task. This way, the management portal achieves the transparency that this App for Carpenters offers to the carpenters. All the information that the carpenters need can be found in this online database using the mobile forms that come with the App, which they can access anywhere using their smart phones or tablets.

In-depth Forms for Reporting
The other half of the equation, mobile forms that can be custom-designed to fit the carpenters’ needs come together with the app. The carpenters can use the management portal to create digital forms that contain all the information required for their reports. These are electronic forms instead of paperwork that they can access through their mobile devices. These paperless forms have every capability to guarantee transparency on the part of the carpenters. In particular, the ‘required data’ feature prevents the form from being submitted if one or more fields are not filled out.

In-form Data and Automated Time Stamping
The paperless forms in this Carpenters Software help carpenters manage jobs as they fill out smart forms with skip logic that automatically populates each field with fixed responses, depending on the data required. If the carpenter requires information that is already in the database to fill out a form, they can easily access the database and auto-fill the said form. In addition, the form also has automated time stamping features that show exactly when the form was submitted. Only those who have access can view this information in the management portal.

In-form Signatures
The app also allows people to affix their signature – making things so much easier for the carpenters to generate paperless reports using the mobile forms. The app takes advantages of the carpenters’ mobile devices’ touch screen capabilities to make this possible.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “The true benefit of Carpenters for tradespeople is that they are able to manage all of their paperwork from their smart phone or tablet. All of the mobile forms they need to run their business such as Invoices, Work Orders, Quotations, Purchase Orders, together with all the safety documentation needed such as Safe Work Method Statement and Risk Assessments are available right at their fingertips. The Resources e-library is the perfect way to keep all resource documents to hand such as Insurance Certificates, Material Data Sheets and licences.

Discover how Formitize’s Carpenters App can improve transparency and efficiency for carpenters around the world. Take our tour today!

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