Going Paperless Can Help You Create a Great HACCP Program

Going Paperless Can Help You Create a Great HACCP Program

Published on: 05-08-2015 | by Misty in paperless, digital forms, mobile workforce, mobile forms, electronic forms, smart forms, eforms, paperless forms

Did you know that going paperless and using digital forms can help you create a great HACCP Program? HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. HACCP is a preventative food safety system in which every step in the manufacture, storage and distribution of a food product is scientifically analyzed for microbiological, physical and chemical hazards.

So how does going paperless help create a fully functional HACCP Program? Simple. By improving your mobile workforce’s training, enhancing your data recording and real-time reporting, implementing speedy action across your organization, and increasing flexibility in changing and updating your system, you can develop your present system and guarantee safety and stability in your food business. Our Food Safety App can help you with all of this.

Mobile Training & Safety

Your mobile workforce’s training and safety should be of paramount importance to your food business as they are the ones who take care of your products and services. Using mobile forms with any smart phones or tablets, your staff can access and update new jobs assigned by you from anywhere in the world.

You can train new members of your mobile workforce remotely – meaning, they can be anywhere in the production site, manufacturing plant or in the field while you can be in your home or office and you can commence training in real time. Accept updates to your smart forms and generate paperless reports instantly. Using our mobile app, you can facilitate the training of your staff as they can access your training materials using any mobile device. Training your field agents has never been this quick and easy.

Creating a Great HACCP Program

How do you create a great HACCP Program? Using electronic forms, you can build the perfect program and implement it across your entire organization. You will need to create the right monitoring program and ensure frequent monitoring in your food business. Formitize’s Food Safety App lets you do these and so much more.

You can take photos and then tag and use these images in your eForms. You can even draw across images, as needed, to be more specific with your reports. Each job has a time and date stamp that allows you to recall your smart forms photos and details without any delay or hassle.

If your field agents are unable to complete your paperless forms, then they can’t submit their jobs. This is one of the ways that you can guarantee safety and security in your company. Your mobile workforce needs to complete all the required fields in your mobile forms in order to submit their assigned jobs. Plus, you can build your own HACCP Program step by step and customize it so that you have your very own program ready to use whenever, wherever.

Going paperless makes adapting to changes in regulations so much easier. Simply update your Resources E-Library with the latest version of new rules and regulations and users can open the latest version using their mobile devices and be updated too. No more dragging around handbooks or guides. Just use your smartphone to access only the latest versions of handbooks, guidelines, procedures and catalogs.

These are just a few steps that you can take to build a great HACCP Program of your own. Explore more ways to enhance your very own HACCP Program using Formitize as your mobile app. Take the tour today!

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