Hot Work Code of Practice in Your Workplace

Hot Work Code of Practice in Your Workplace

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Your business needs to abide by the hot work code of practice if it involves “hot work.” Operations, which include cutting, grinding, soldering, torch – applied roofing, brazing, pipe thawing and any other work involving flame-producing equipment or materials. As operations cannot commence without a permit, the personnel involved should secure the permit first before any operation commences in the work site. To obtain the permit, the issuer would inspect the work area with a checklist and ensure everything is met; without leaving even one item, unsatisfactory.

The checklist may include operative sprinklers, hose and extinguishers as well as a Fire Watch during and at least an hour after operation.

The App in its Place

While your company is having a hot work operation, securing a permit and ensure everything is in compliance, an application software as powerful as hot work permits can help big time. With its smart forms that contain the checklist which needs to be completed, the hot work procedure makes sure the items in the checklist are completely met. No one can submit incomplete digital forms, especially when a required field is being skipped. Thus, permit is not issued when the hot work permit form is not submitted as complete.

Furthermore, the complete solution hot work permits app provides real time reporting and ensures your workflow goes smoothly from the start of the hot work operation until completed. The app gives you enormous savings with its paperless solution and amazing functionalities.

How the Smart Forms Work

If your company uses the app, it gives the organization safety workflow, compliant processes, up-to-date monitoring and real-time reporting. Management can create a new hot work job and dispatch it to the field with the use of the Job Dispatcher function. Coming along with the job are the electronic forms, including the hot work permit form. The checklist can be submitted back to management once completed, which means all the hot work requirements are met. The authorized issuer can release the permit and everyone can start the hot work operations.

All the information about the hot work code of practice and the filled up checklist form will be saved in the app’s Cloud-based servers, and become accessible by those who have access rights. The management can monitor the job from beginning to end. The cycle repeats when another hot work job comes in.

Thus, the next time you carry out tasks involving a source of fire, you want to make sure to be compliant, and obtain permit before operations start. In order to be less burdened with all the requirements, safety regulations and hot work code of practice, check how you can comply with everything and make your workplace safe. Take the tour today!

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