How the Safety App Can Secure Your Business

How the Safety App Can Secure Your Business

Published on: 24-12-2014 | by Misty in enterprise mobility, iPad forms, mobile forms, OHS app, paperless, safety app, smart forms, transport safety app, Transport Safety, transport safety software

Get more from your transport business with the Safety App. The powerful Transport Safety is a way of ensuring the safety of your operations that involves risk as is always the case in enterprise mobility. The Safety App is intended for universal use, as its solutions are applicable worldwide.

The government continues to create initiatives to enhance safety for passengers and goods while these are being transported to their respective destinations. At the same time, owners of transport businesses are also keen on ensuring safety in all aspects of their operations.

Complementing the dynamic nature of enterprise mobility, the Safety App provides Job Dispatcher, the Resource centre, and the Management Portal features to track and store everything. They save your company a great deal of resources and the overall results give a huge impact to productivity and security.

Safety First

The Transport Safety App ensures compliance and smooth operations of your business. It increases professionalism and improves the timeliness of reports. The software securely keeps company policies and data while upholding the firm’s privacy rights. Real-time tracking and reporting see to it that any problem that comes along the way is quickly addressed.

The app frees management and business owners from headaches by making monitoring easy, as the software updates them with the reports from A to Z, and that includes the changes that transpire in between.

Harnessing Mobile Technology

Close monitoring and exchange of information is critical in the transport business with mobility as its nature. The app utilizes today’s mobile technology – smart phones, tablets, and Cloud storage, to deliver mobile forms and paperless reports for faster and efficient operations. This OHS App enhances process workflow anywhere, with or without internet, as it keeps data updated with its sync capabilities. The ability of reporting every element of data in any form is commendable.

It also makes real-time tracking with GPS and filing up of smart forms possible with mobile devices. Field agents can fill up iPad forms, access documents any time, and open and update company reports.

The Transport Safety Software provides the facility to work standalone or with Internet connection, deliver compliant reports, generate the right reports to specific people, and also provides a safe place to manage the documents and control information in a Resource e-Library. As this amazing all-around software runs the fundamental workflow of your business so you can focus more on other aspects such as enhancing customer experience and provide the public with exemplary and safer services.

Give yourself peace of mind as you take your transport business to the next level and make everything – processing, tracking, reporting, and management perfectly complete.

Check out the Safety App and see how it can beneficially serve you and your business. Take our tour today!

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