How to Manage Your Expenses and Grow Your Business with Formitize

How to Manage Your Expenses and Grow Your Business with Formitize

Published on: 01-08-2017 | by Misty in paperless, mobile workforce

Running a business isn’t easy. There are a lot of things that you, as the business owner, need to monitor – from day-to-day expenses to every transaction and sale that you complete. You need to stay on top of things. However, you can’t do that with old-fashioned paperwork. It’s bulky, inefficient and laden with mistakes, not to mention extremely costly. That’s why you must invest in paperless technology.

Going paperless is the best route for your business. Firstly, it enables you to monitor your mobile workforce wherever, whenever. Plus, you can automate nearly all aspects of your business – from creating and assigning job orders to generating reports – efficiency at its best! Imagine how accurate and timely your workflows and reporting will be when you make the move to paperless.

Here’s Why You Need Formitize for Your Business

Formitize lets you keep track of your expenses and so much more! Our paperless app captures not only expenses, but also documents every other area of your company – work orders, safety checklists, timesheets, quotes and invoices. You can even instantly generate professionally styled PDF reports. Formitize app is easy to use, with all expenses easily recorded for your business or job in just seconds.

Recording and monitoring expenses has never been this easy as Formitize enables you to:

  • Keep a simple recording of all expenses.
  • Tag expenses to a Job or to the business.
  • Take instant photo of receipt.
  • Maintain real-time visibility of all job related expenses.

Now you can record all job-related costs with ease. Formitize enables you to attach supplier details, sub-contractors expenses, job purchases and more with tax details. You can even take a photo of the receipt to be retained against the job. Management will have great visibility of all Job-related expenses as they are being added. Every expense is instantly collected, assigned and recorded. Plus, you can integrate all details with your chosen accounting systems such as Xero. Your accountant is going to love you!

Formitize can document all of your expenses-related records. But the app doesn’t stop there. Using Formitize, you can store and update details about every customer, sale, transaction, every minute detail that you want to preserve for now or forever. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself the amazing features that Formitize offers. Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!

Formitize - making paperwork paperless.

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