How to Maximize Transport App for the Mobility of Your Business

How to Maximize Transport App for the Mobility of Your Business

Published on: 31-12-2014 | by Misty in digital forms, electronic forms, mobile workforce, OHS app, Paperless, Transport App, Truck Safety, Transport Safety Software, Transport Safety

Here’s a breakthrough in the transport business that increases efficiency of processes, enhances professionalism, and ensures more safety – the Transport App. This paperless transport tool makes vehicle pre-checks, maintenance logs, and time sheets come out more smoothly and timely. Application benefits include faster processes and paperless reports, transforming transport operations into complication-free activities.

While trying to ensure professionalism and the expected compliance in all your business processes, the software is actually an OHS App that aims to give you worry-free operations with digital forms and several features that make management easier and more convenient.

Mobile Forms and Standalone Features

Transport App is designed to work in the transport business where mobility is its major characteristic, but unlike other solutions that are Internet-dependent, this Transport Safety Software does not require any internet connection. Having no network coverage is not a problem at all because it can stand alone, and functions online or offline, without interrupting the workflow.

Transport Safety lets you make customized paperless forms with over 20 form tools. It works perfectly in remote areas, delivering instant reports and current position with the GPS capability, real-time tracking, and integrated camera. When internet connection is available again, the app will sync the data and processes automatically.

For an app as interactive as this where data exchange is two-way – as management receives notifications in the form of digital submissions – it is amazing to know this software is not totally web-based.

Timely Reports in Different Situations

The Truck Safety app manages the storage and control of the documents with the Resources e-Library. The app’s resource library generates specific reports in various situations with voice recording, camera integration, real-time tracking, and GPS capability.

Your staff can fill up the checklist forms right on-site and produce instant compliant paperless reports. The app ensures that management documents, photos and reports are saved securely. Company policies and other significant information are likewise in safe storage, with their most recent versions easily available to users all the time.

The management portal makes it possible to dispatch tasks and jobs using pre-filled electronic forms sent to your mobile workforce.

Being remarkable when it comes to monitoring, tracking, interactive input, reporting, compliance, and reliability, your transport business becomes self-operating, easy to control and manage. The dashboard has all the significant statistics of your business. The Transport Safety Software basically runs your business for you so you can focus on other aspects, such as increasing productivity.

As if these amazing features of this truck application software are not enough, the app has a redundant structure, which makes its data fully secure and highly available, as data are encrypted and accessible from anywhere.

Get more productivity and bring your transport business to the next level with the Transport App. Take our tour today!

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