How Transport OHS Management Redefines ‘Real Time’ in Your Business

How Transport OHS Management Redefines ‘Real Time’ in Your Business

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Any problem or issue that causes you a headache in your transport business will all be erased by the Transport OHS software, which can replace all the other previous Transport Safety apps. With its capabilities of putting your business in operation smoothly with real-time tracking, monitoring, data exchange, and timely reports, it will take your business to more success. You will never need anything else.

This Safety App complies with occupational health and safety standards and regulations. It is a powerful tool that ensures efficient operation and enterprise mobility in your business with its indispensable functionalities. The best feature is its real-time nature that allows you to keep track with just about everything all the time.

The Essence of Real-Time

You can take a peek at whatever is going on with your vehicles – their workflows, current location, activities, and statistics with the cloud-based Management Portal through the dashboard.

Before dispatching, you can add a job with Transport OHS, specify its schedule, attach the required forms, populate the job with some needed information, and dispatch it to any mobile workforce. The paperless job will then be fully tracked. Digital forms enhance your workflow, with new sections inserting themselves automatically and auto notifications being sent to the next users.

Management can monitor from the dashboard photo stream as images taken from the field are tagged to make them available for searching and viewing. Real-time processes are even possible without Internet connection. Thus, vehicles passing through remote areas are not a problem. The OHS App auto-syncs the data once the Internet connection is back. It makes your organization’s mobile workforce more efficient.

Cloud Integration

All the data and information are securely stored in the Cloud with high availability. While the real-time feature makes data collection amidst dynamic processes and mobility more meaningful with fresh information, another amazing feature of Transport Safety is cloud integration. It makes easy access of stored data possible – anytime and anywhere, with over 200 cloud-based solutions worldwide.

Keep an eye on your transport business with the Transport Safety App that ensures compliance, real-time data exchange and collection, as well as secured cloud storage, dynamic report generation, and highly accessible data. The app is a breakthrough in the transport business with its revolutionary paperless solutions, which was thought before as impossible. It lets you watch your mobile workforce fill up digital forms accurately and timely. No more issues regarding missing sections – calculations will already be accurate. The app simply makes everything right for you all the time. Just imagine this amazing paperless software that can do the things you wish to do. It can help you run your transport business smoothly and more efficiently.

Give your business a boost in the transport industry with the amazing functionalities of Transport OHS. Take our tour today!

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