How Transport Safety Software Enhances Integrated Workflows

How Transport Safety Software Enhances Integrated Workflows

Published on: 14-01-2015 | by Misty in digital forms, enterprise mobility, mobile workforce, OHS app, paperless, smart forms, Transport App, Transport Safety, Transport Safety Software, Truck Safety

The Transport Safety Software provides integrated workflows and cloud-based management so that you can monitor the activities in the field and check on statistics anytime. The software’s API enables the integration of available data into some existing systems, to come up with standard formats and makes use of over 200 software solutions.

The Transport App ensures continuous operation and work connectivity, with or without the Internet. As such, it possesses an edge over web-based solutions and other Internet-dependent apps. This powerful tool fits well in any mobile workforce where units sometimes go to locations without Internet connection. Once connection is detected, data will be automatically updated across different sections of the organization.

The System Keeps You Updated

Transport Safety let you assign jobs to your field-based employees and watch them update digital forms in real time. The integrated camera as well as the drawing feature save your mobile workforce lots of time.

Information is updated with smart forms designed to improve workflow, provide fast data access, and generate customisable paperless reports. The OHS App is integrated with Cloud technology; data is automatically stored in the cloud and can be opened and updated by anyone. Notifications are sent to concerned parties and reports are generated automatically. You are always in the loop for full monitoring, regardless of your location.

With accurate information, you can manage your business well and focus more on better services, amenities, and customer experience.

Total Solutions to the Enterprise Mobility

The Transport Safety Software makes transportation of people and goods more sustainable, efficient, and safe. It brings out the cost-effective method by harnessing digital and mobile technologies. This flexible Transport App provides intelligent paperless management solutions, as well as control of employees and the vehicle fleet. It lets you optimize performance, ensures safety for everything, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

As the population grows, the need for intelligent transport solution will increase to sustain public transport in sustainable cities. The app’s connectivity feature enables data exchange to and from vehicles on the road, improves network planning, fleet management, security, and customer satisfaction. Overall, it will bring your enterprise mobility to a higher and advanced level to produce favourable results.

While innovations in the transport industry are rising all over the world, you will find it important to keep pace, providing a more practical and convenient trip service to the rising consumer public. Technology such as the Truck Safety app brings diverse innovations together to meet the demanding needs for better transport services. This will be a great contribution to make everyone and everything – people and economies – better.

Find more about how the Transport Safety Software works and how your transport business can take advantage of it. Take our tour today!

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