OHS App Provides Excellent Health and Safety Elements

OHS App Provides Excellent Health and Safety Elements

Published on: 17-12-2014 | by Misty in iPhone forms, mobile workforce, OHS app, paperless, safety app, transport OHS, transport safety, Transport Safety App.com

A real solution to the transport business paper forms is the OHS App, which comes with excellent health and safety elements. Operations need to carry out Transport Safety with pre-start checkups, vehicle maintenance logs, and timesheets to ensure that everything, including personnel, will work perfectly well. The app makes sure all the processes are in compliance with government rules, which levels out involved risks.

Business owners and management will receive all the information without paper, which is in itself, an already big step forward. Transport Safety App.com turns the operations of the transport enterprise into fully-automated, real-time and paperless processes.

For public transport, real-time planning makes bus operations more effective, and will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy use. Improved services and better transport experience will attract more people to take public vehicles instead of private. This will lessen fuel consumption and traffic congestion as well.

Management in Full Control

You can keep track of what is going on in your mobile workforce in the field with iPhone forms and GPS tracking. Along the way, the system automatically collects photos, bar codes, time stamps, calculations, and voice recordings. You cannot miss anyone or anything. You can check your personnel’s performances, even if you are not physically in the field with them. With regard to dispatched jobs, you can monitor them from start to finish, and delegate new jobs when needed, even without leaving your office.

With management in full control, there will be quick solutions to problems on site. The Transport OHS software enhances efficiency across your entire organization.

A Powerful Tool in the Transport Industry

With the OHS App comes a powerful system, which ensures completeness of data. The app has Cloud integration to store everything to the Cloud. It can likewise operate as a standalone software that can be used with no Internet connection. This is a possible case in the mobile workforce as it guarantees uninterrupted operation. Information will be updated across the organization once Internet connection is back in place again.

Data can be easily accessed and updated, even by people on the go. Reports will be generated to the right people. Notifications, which are also triggered by some processes, will be sent to concerned personnel. All these transpire in the field where the mobile workforce is while management can see everything from miles away.

This Safety App is designed for the transport business, and has considered the complexities that come with the processes of the mostly field-based workforce. It is a promising addition to the transport industry that potentially brings more efficiency and improves customer service while ensuring the safety for all involved.

Providing a paperless solution also makes the transport safety app an environmental champion. Check out how the OHS App can help you and your transport business. In your quest to improve efficiency and enhance customer service, the app can just be your reliable partner.

Learn more about OHS App and its excellent health and safety elements. Take our tour today!

Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Work-relatedroadsafetyintheUnitedStates

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