Toolbox Meeting App – Your Tool for a Successful Toolbox Meeting

Toolbox Meeting App – Your Tool for a Successful Toolbox Meeting

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Managing a construction business has its own unique “brand” when it comes to the things that a proprietor has to take care of. There is, for example, a greater emphasis on employee safety here. Without having regular safety meetings with inputs from the employees, someone managing this kind of business will be having a really hard time. Fortunately, tools like Toolbox Meeting App can help make life easy for these contractors.

What is a Toolbox Meeting?

Yes, I know the name sounds strange. A Toolbox Meeting is actually a type of workplace meeting where the agenda is workplace safety. Issues that are tackled here include concerns on how employees can be kept as safe as possible from injury or even death in any project that the company is undertaking. It’s basically an open forum – the employees come and talk about their concerns, and give suggestions on how to get around that obstacle.

How to Set up a Good Toolbox Conference

Now, as the head of a construction contractor, you should be able to regularly host toolbox meetings in order to be effective in workplace safety. Remember that you are taking multiple projects, and each project has a different environment that can affect how you tackle safety in that regard. Now, calling all your employees together and having a small chat with them is not enough!

First, you need to have a Toolbox Meeting Agenda. With the agenda, you can systematically tackle each issue. I personally have witnessed a toolbox meeting before where the facilitator had no idea what to do, and he had no agenda. The meeting went nowhere as there was no pre-determined flow and everyone just talked about what they wanted to talk about! The facilitator was overwhelmed!

Of course, it’s really difficult to come up with an agenda with just pen and paper. With the help of the Toolbox App for iPad, managers can have access to a paperless form of a Toolbox Meeting template. Agendas don’t need a lot of time to work on, but it happens because sometimes the managers don’t know what the format of a formal agenda is. Thanks to the app, however, you can now create one from scratch in just a few minutes!

The app makes use of mobile forms. All the manager has to do is to fill out these forms with the agenda of the meeting and he’s done. After that, he will simply submit the form to the Management Portal and have it saved to the Resources E-Library, where he can access it later on during the meeting itself. It becomes very handy, and there’s not even a need to print out copies.

There’s a wonderful world out there when you decide to invest in Toolbox Meeting App. Take our tour today!

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