Tradie App Facilitates Continuing Education for Tradesmen

Tradie App Facilitates Continuing Education for Tradesmen

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SYDNEY, Australia October 2014 – Formitize introduces the new Tradie App – a paperless solution designed to boost productivity and improve the workflow of tradie businesses worldwide. Entrepreneurs handling a tradesman firm would do well to invest in educating their workforce on renewable power and training them to acquire the skills necessary for handling tasks related to this discipline. Once the tradesmen are fully educated and trained on this subject, it is then just a matter of continuing education.

There has been a rise in the application of renewable energy worldwide. In the UK, for instance, renewable power sources have accounted for 6.8% of the total energy generated for the year 2010 alone. For tradesmen, whose jobs have always included the installation of power systems, this represents an opportunity to learn a new, specialized skill.

Resources on the Go with Tradie

With the E-Resource Library of Tradie App, members of the mobile workforce of tradesmen can access resources like e-books, documents, and other necessary literature without having to carry real books, which can be quite heavy.

Other Features of the App

The Tradies App offers more functionality for businesses. Aside from the E-Resource Library, investing in the solution equips the company with these capabilities:

1. 100% digital reporting
The App for Tradies provides businesses with the use of mobile forms that their mobile workforce can then use to file reports at the end of each task or at the start of a new one, or even both. These digital forms totally eliminate the need for paperwork as paperless reporting improves the efficiency of the entire process, not to mention the increased safety and the savings that the business can realize after getting rid of paper supplies.

2. Management at a glance
Every entrepreneur needs a system that allows them not only to remotely monitor their field teams, but also get timely updates from their tradesmen on the job. The Apps for Tradies do exactly that for them – the app has a Management Portal where the information submitted by the field tradies are displayed for the entrepreneur or his management staff to view or use.

3. Functionality even without an Internet connection
These days, businesses have become reliant on the Internet. However, this dependence also means that their operations are severely crippled when there is no working connection. In this case, the App for Tradesmen is designed to work even when there is no Internet coverage available in a given area. It simply syncs any information when there is Internet readily available.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Tradie gives users access to information using their smart phones. This powerful paperless tool makes it possible for them to download the necessary information on renewable energy and other information using their mobile devices if they want to freshen up on their knowledge.”

Learn more about the capabilities of Tradie App. Take our tour today!

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