Transport Manager App Revolutionizes Information Processes and Workflows

Transport Manager App Revolutionizes Information Processes and Workflows

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SYDNEY, Australia October 2014 – Formitize introduces Transport Manager App – a new software designed to improve business workflows across transport companies. By making paperwork paperless, this powerful app eliminates all the unnecessary tasks and bottlenecks that are usually associated with old business processes. Technology offers opportunities to simplify existing systems to ensure efficiency and increase productivity in all areas.

Managing a transport system is a daunting task. One concern that can drive a transport manager mad is how to coordinate the flow of information so that there is no clutter produced. Unfortunately, without the right tools and solutions, all a transport manager can do is create a rudimentary system that can actually hurt than repair problems in workflow.

The Solution is Here

This Herculean task, fortunately, can now be addressed with the help of a mobile solution found in Transport Manager This is a mobile solution that will totally revolutionize the flow of information in a Transport Management agency by getting rid of the hurdles and roadblocks that have previously caused the inefficiencies in the firm’s current system.

Crucial Features of the App

Transport Manager App boasts of the following features that could help improve a Transport Manager’s workflows and information processes:

1. Non-reliance on the Internet
While the Transport Safety Software is designed primarily to work through an Internet connection, it does not require an additional investment in mobile Internet. The app will simply update or sync its mobile forms when the mobile device detects an active Internet connection.

2. High quality and compliant reports
With so much data to process, transport managers are sometimes unable to spot discrepancies and non-compliance in reports that are sent to headquarters. The Transport Apps, however, are capable of ‘error trapping’ or making sure that the paperless reports that are sent to the Cloud are complete and accurate. With the use of the required field feature, the app is intelligent enough to prevent incomplete reports from getting through.

3. Job Dispatcher
The functionalities of the app allow the Transport Manager’s administrative division to dole out tasks easily and in an expedited manner. With the use of digital forms to assign tasks, the admin staff now has the flexibility to be able to dispatch jobs efficiently so that everyone is always busy and productive. Since emergencies are inherent in the workflow of transport management, the staff can easily use the app’s Job Dispatcher function to assign an urgent case to one of the people in the field.

4. Digital files and Resources E-Library
The app takes the digital age further by giving Transport Managers the capability to simply upload digital versions of important files and resources to the Resources E-Library. Not only does this make the process of pulling up the right resources more convenient for the mobile workforce, it also guarantees the security of the files.

There is more to be enjoyed from this Transport OHS. Discover how Transport Manager App can improve the existing workflows and information management systems of traffic management organizations around the world. Take the tour now!

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