Transport Safety App Delivers More Business Security

Transport Safety App Delivers More Business Security

Published on: 10-12-2014 | by Misty in enterprise mobility, mobile workforce, paperless, Safety App, smart forms, Transport App, Transport Safety App, Transport Safety, Transport Safety Software

While safety is most important in any human activity, it is the topmost consideration in transport systems to protect human lives as risk is always involved in transporting people and goods. Recent technological innovations have introduced Transport Safety App to reduce risks among transport businesses. Intended for worldwide use, the app ensures safe and efficient processes, professionalism, and real-time reporting.

The emergence of enterprise mobility and the mobile workforce gives way to more enterprise benefits. Modern technology offers not only systematic and organized documentation, but its paperless solution makes it environment-friendly. Transport Safety is an indispensable tool in managing mostly field-based transport processes, making it a useful feature of today’s transport industry.

Workflow Integration, Photo Stream, and Tagging

The Safety App supports business process and allows changing of status when applicable, either manually or automatically. Status changes can be triggered by certain activities, and prompts other automation as well, such as email sending and opening a form to accept input.

Photo streaming and tagging are possible. Management can check from the desktop on what any mobile workforce is seeing in real time and let images go hand-in-hand with data. You can also search photos in real time. The Transport App has photo tagging feature, which makes it easier for you to browse through the gallery and find the appropriate photo instantly.

Forms, Location Tracking, Report Tools, and Others

You can easily fill out the smart forms even when on the road using your mobile devices directly from the management portal itself. Track people and paperwork with GPS, which makes viewing of completed jobs and transaction locations possible with just one click of a button.

The report generator functionality automatically delivers built-in outputs on a scheduled basis. From email advices, you can do report building and send paperless reports to various recipients. For those who want raw data, the CSV report tool provides easy customization. Furthermore, you can generate, view, and share HTML reports with suppliers and customers.

Transport Safety App uses the dashboard – which displays key aspects of movements in real-time – for easy management and monitoring. The app is capable of creating new users with their specific access levels, as well as new jobs and their scheduled date and time.

The catalogue feature provides a peek of the app’s database contents. It enables bar code scanning from mobile devices to retrieve product price, image, and other details required to produce a paperless form.

The Transport Safety Software depicts a total and essential solution to the current transport system to ensure safety in delivering people and goods to their destination effectively and conveniently while promoting enterprise mobility. The app is a simple but incredibly powerful tool that will help you keep at pace with the constant quest of faster and more efficient transport services in your business.

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