Truck Safety Is Everything for Your Transport Business

Truck Safety Is Everything for Your Transport Business

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Transport Safety work is carried on with the help of the Truck Safety app. With smooth workflow, data in cloud storage, and multiple integrations, what else could you ask for? This ready-made Transport App enhances employee management, while promoting productivity across different areas of your enterprise. This allows creation of customized digital forms with over 20 integrated tools to meet your business needs.

A safe environment securely keeps documents, reports, images, and other data to ensure compliance, and makes them easily available, accessible and customisable. The Resources e-Library that comes with the Transport Safety Software is a perfect storage of company policies, vehicle inspections, log books, time sheets, and pre-start investigations and users can access these paperless documents in their most recent versions at all times. This will help everyone in the organization, including top management to make sound decisions with accurate and complete information.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

The Truck Safety app promotes cooperation among the organization’s managers and personnel. With complete notifications, smart forms sent to concerned parties and reports generated for the right people, no one can hide. Management can see how the digital forms are updated and by whom. They can also track the progress of jobs and how they are carried out.

With active participation by everyone and dynamic data exchange, executives can solve issues along the way quickly whenever any field activity poses some risks. With the availability of information, the top personnel will be able to supervise well and act accordingly when problems arise.

Full Monitoring of Vehicle Fleet

The real-time feature of the Transport OHS app provides managers with full monitoring of the vehicle fleet. Operation continues with or without Internet connection. The system provides information when it comes to changes in activities pertinent to safety. It helps everyone work in accordance with compliance rules, safe working methods, instructions, professional relationships among personnel, and the company’s safety policies. All these take on the field while management is watching all the details on their computer monitors.

Transport Safety stores all information collected from the field in the cloud database. Data filled in using the smart forms are in their respective proper formats. Thus, there is no need for re-entry of forms. No more redundant works that can result to reckless mistakes.

At a simple click of a button, anyone can access and edit information or download the data to make customised reports in paperless forms that suit their needs.

Imagine these and everything else with the Truck Safety application software – the ready-made app that can bring more success to your transport business.

Discover how our Truck Safety software can help you achieve your company’s goal to efficiently deliver exemplary customer service. Take our tour today!

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